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What-do-UAE-residents-need-to-know-to-get-married-in-Seychelles-during-COVID19 / Going to get your wedding certificate in Seychelles?

What do UAE residents need to know to get married in Seychelles during COVID-19?

After being on pause for so many days, our lives have finally started resuming. We can travel, we can socialize, and we can get married! And not just anywhere but in a paradise island country of Seychelles! 

Here is what you need to know.

How can you fly from Dubai to Seychelles to get married?

Seychelles has officially opened the borders for the UAE residents. It means the wedding season can start again! All the government institutions that are involved in the process are open as well, so you are good to go.

However, there are certain rules to follow:

  1. Negative PCR test not more than 48 hours before your departure flight
  2. Accommodation can be booked only from the list of the certified by Public Health Authority establishments (don’t worry, there are quite a few options)
  3. Application form to enter Seychelles
  4. Upon arrival to Seychelles, it’s mandatory to undergo 5 days of quarantine. Guests are allowed to use all the facilities of the hotel but are not allowed to leave its territory. However, a wedding can be conducted within the quarantine days too. A small civil one only. For a big ceremony you’ll have to wait for the 6th day and for the new negative PCR test.

That’s it. Sounds easy, right? And don’t you worry, you won’t be left alone to deal with all these preparations. Our team will be there to guide you and provide all the necessary info. Meanwhile you can find ore details here.

Coronavirus rules for a beach wedding in Seychelles for the UAE residents (and the rest of the world) 

  1. A social distance of 1 meter to be maintained between the couple and the wedding participants (guests, photographer, Civil Status officer, etc.)
  2. You will need to use a designated sanitized pen (will be provided) to sign your wedding papers. The Civil Officer is not allowed to use the same pen as the couple or witnesses.
  3. All greetings between the couple and the wedding participants should be performed without any physical contact (no handshakes, no hugs, etc.)
  4. All wedding participants, including the couple, will have to sanitize their hands before the ceremony.
  5. If a couple is going to have a wedding cake, there will be disposable cutlery provided. Should the couple wish to use regular cutlery, it will need to be organized by themselves, following the correct disinfection process at all times.

In case you are planning your wedding in the hotel, the same rules apply. Please note that weddings are currently not permitted in the hotel rooms until further notice, due to the lack of space and hence the impossibility of social distancing. 

Instead, weddings can be performed in any public area of the hotel that has a table required for the registrar. Permission of access has to be granted by the hotel before the ceremony. 

It might sound like a lot of rules to follow. But let’s stay positive, you can finally get married. And we have pretty much the same rules in our daily lives nowadays too. That’s a new normal. Social distancing and sanitizing hand are the new small talks of 2020. 

Moreover, you won’t need to wear masks at your wedding! So nothing will ruin your beautiful pictures at the beach!

Ready to get your tickets booked? Contact our team to help you get ready for it!

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