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Wedding at Seychelles: Which documents do UAE residents need to get married in Seychelles?


Getting married is a very big decision in a relationship, especially, if you are living abroad and both the partners are not of the same nationality. Living in the UAE and wanting to get married to your partner, the most obvious and simplest solution is to get married in Seychelles, a paradise island. But do you know about the documents required for Wedding at Seychelles? Read on to find out.

Which documents are required for UAE residents to get married in Seychelles?

A civil marriage in Seychelles is like a cakewalk, with a little help, as the documents required to get married in Seychelles are very few. All a couple needs are:

1. Copies of their passports 

2. Copies of their birth certificates (affidavit in absence of birth certificate). The affidavit is just a form that needs to be filled in by the person who does not have a copy of the birth certificate stating that the date and time of birth are correct as per their knowledge. 

If applicable:

3. Divorce certificate (if previously married and separated)

4. Death Certificate of the former spouse (if widowed)

5. Legal proof of change of name (If name different on any of the documents)

Take a moment to note:

All the documents must be either in English or French. In case any other language is used on the documents, a certified translation of the documents will be required.

In addition to the above, the couple needs to present air tickets of entry and exit into Seychelles and confirmed accommodation details while in Seychelles (Hotel receipt/vouchers are acceptable.)

Please note: The hotel has to be from the list of certified by the Public Health authority properties.

You don’t need to make the appointments and submit your documents, our team will do the needful and you are sorted.

Indeed, getting married in Seychelles is as simple as this. No fuss, no inconvenience, no lengthy paperwork, just celebrating and indulging in weaving the fabric of love and togetherness in the world’s most beautiful coralline island. 

Final Word on Wedding at Seychelles: Which documents do UAE residents need to get married in Seychelles?

The most beautiful and awe-inspiring island is a dream destination for your wedding in Seychelles, especially for UAE residents. Seychelles is not distantly located from UAE thus making it more ideal for weddings for UAE residents.

What are you waiting for? Just contact us and we shall get on to planning your wedding in Seychelles.

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