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seychelles marriage for foreigners?

Seychelles Marriage for Foreigners: Can we marry in Seychelles if we are of different nationalities?

Expat couples wishing to get married in Seychelles can expect anything beyond perfect for their dream wedding. Partners of different nationalities often find it challenging to overcome legal obstacles trying to get married, but Seychelles Marriage for Foreigners is much easier.

What couples with different nationalities need for a wedding in Seychelles?

Partners with different nationalities wishing to have their wedding in Seychelles have to contact Civil Status Office at Independence House and arrange the necessary documents like:

1.  Birth certificate for both partners (affidavit in absence of birth certificate)

2.  Passport copies for both partners

Are you feeling excited but little challenged by the preparations? Don’t worry at all, just a little bit of guidance and coordination from us will set your sails off.

Is Seychelles marriage for foreigners valid for couples with different nationalities in their country of residence?

Expatriate couples with different nationalities often have the thought looming over their minds, if their wedding in Seychelles will be legitimate in their home countries or their country of residence.

Wedding certificate from Seychelles is valid and legitimate worldwide. All you need to do for it is to legalize it through the embassy of your country or Ministry of Foreign affairs and our team is happy to help you with that too!

Take a moment to note:

·         French passport holders will have to contact their local municipality office before the wedding.

·         Russian passport holders will require a translation of the Seychelles marriage certificate by Russian embassy

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Final Word on Seychelles Marriage for Foreigners?

Hey, already dreaming of your wedding in Seychelles, don’t just dream make it a reality. A fairytale wedding for you and your partner is on the cards.

Cross over the bridge and leave us a comment, we will weave the threads of your exotic wedding in Seychelles.

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