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Can you have a Christian wedding in a Church in Seychelles?| Seychelles Marriage Certificate Christian wedding

Seychelles Marriage Certificate: Can you have a Christian wedding in a Church in Seychelles?

Are you one of those who has dreamt of a traditional Christian wedding in the Church? You and your partner have agreed to marry in Seychelles but are doubtful on the procedures to get Seychelles Marriage Certificate Christian wedding.  

Civil wedding Vs Christian wedding

Civil weddings are weddings conducted by government officials like registrar and are recognized by the government.  A Christian wedding is a religious wedding ceremony conducted in a Church in the presence of a priest according to the religious practices of Christianity.

A Christian wedding alone is not recognized by law and hence a lot of countries make civil registration of Church weddings obligatory by the church as part of the wedding ceremony, e.g. Britain, Denmark, Finland etc. There are some countries that do not recognize religious marriages at all and hence a civil ceremony must be preceded e.g. France. Similar procedures are also practiced in other countries like Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Germany etc.

Seychelles too does not recognize a Christian wedding under law and hence a civil wedding should be performed prior to the religious Christian wedding in Church.

Prerequisites to get a certificate of a Christian wedding in a Church in Seychelles

In addition to the basic necessary documents, a Christian wedding requires some other documents for the wedding to be completed.

People who reside outside Seychelles and wish to get married in Seychelles should have the following:

1. Birth certificate

2. Baptism certificate

3. Confirmation certificate

4. Certificate of FREEDOM to be married

5. Civil marriage certificate (this must be done BEFORE the religious wedding can take place)

6. If a widow or widower, a death certificate of the deceased.

7. A certificate to certify that the persons have followed the appropriate course of instruction for marriage

8. In case of mixed marriage, a letter from the Parish priest to certify that the person received permission from the Bishop to get married outside their home country.

Pause for a moment to note: The procedures of the Christian wedding take around 2-6 months, which will include filing documents, taking necessary permission from Churches etc. prior to the wedding. It is advisable to plan in advance and submit the documents early.

How will the Christian wedding in a Church in Seychelles be performed to get certificate?

The Christian wedding in Seychelles will be performed in one of the Churches in the presence of the priest with prior permission from the Priest at the agreed time. The couple should be legally married (civil marriage) before the Church wedding can be conducted.

Final Word on Seychelles Marriage Certificate: Can you have a Christian wedding in a Church in Seychelles?

The idea of having a religious Christian wedding is really intriguing. Though it is advisable to keep in mind the time frame and the documents required for the same prior to planning a religious Church wedding in Seychelles.

Fascinated by the idea of having a Christian wedding in Seychelles? Let us help you plan one.

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