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Civil Marriage in Seychelles: Is a civil wedding in Seychelles legit?


Planning a wedding in Seychelles, a ceremony with elegance and finesse for your dream day in the paradise island. At the same time did your mind ponder over the thought if the Civil Marriage in Seychelles is legit? Don’t think too much we shall have all your inhibitions taken care of. Find here all the Wedding Requirements in Seychelles is you’re from UAE.

Yes, civil weddings in Seychelles are Legit.

Civil weddings vs Religious weddings in Seychelles

Most countries have 2 types of weddings: religious and civil. Both civil and religious weddings can be legalized as per the country’s marriage regulations. Religious marriages are marriages performed under religious rules following the advocacy of religious institutions. Civil marriages are marriages which are performed by the government official and are recognized by the government. 

Some countries only recognize religious marriages while some recognize civil marriages. And most of them recognize both civil and religious marriages.

Seychelles recognizes civil weddings and does not recognize religious weddings alone under the law. Hence if you are conducting a religious wedding ceremony, it is necessary to conduct a civil wedding also to be recognized.

Legalization of Civil wedding In Seychelles

A civil wedding in Seychelles is the quickest and simplest wedding possible. The wedding certificate is recognized immediately after legalization

E.g. For UAE residents, the signed wedding certificate has to be stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Seychelles, then taken to the UAE embassy for stamping and then you get the wedding certificate (either handed over in person or shipped to you). Once you receive it, you just need to take it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE to get it stamped. After this your wedding certificate is legit and is acceptable worldwide.

Take a moment to note: Some countries have additional requirements; hence it will have to be confirmed with the relevant embassy.

Is legalization of wedding and registering the civil wedding from Seychelles in your home country the same?

The legalization of weddings and registration of weddings in your home country are two different things. The certificate issued in Seychelles is Apostille wedding certificate and hence it is valid in the Apostille member nations which are part of Hague Convention.

It will be used for registering your marriage there, as some countries still require you to do it in your home country. Hence you will need to check with your respective embassy about registration of marriage in your home country.

Please note: It is advised to check the procedure of registration of marriage in your home country before the wedding.

Concluding Civil Marriage in Seychelles

It is clear that the civil wedding in Seychelles is perfectly legit worldwide. It just needs the right steps to legalization, for which we are there to help you.

Now that you are sure that the civil wedding in Seychelles is legit, just leave a comment below and we shall make your dream wedding in Seychelles unforgettable.

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