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Seychelles is a Better Place for Foreigners Living in Saudi Arabia to Get Married | Saudi Arabia expat wedding

Seychelles is a Better Place for Foreigners because Marriage in Seychelle Recognized in Saudi

If you know about Seychelles then you must already know that it is one of the best places to get married in the whole world. Not only because of its most efficient and effective wedding process but also due to its majestic wedding venues. It can be a wonderful choice if you are a foreigner living in Saudi Arabia and want to get married. The option we suggest is UAE for expats marriage.

If you have already tried getting married in Saudi Arabia then you would already know that it’s not easy. There is a long list of requirements that you need to fulfill. Keep on reading to find out the most important information that you need to know about foreigners marriage in Saudi Arabia.

Requirements for a KSA Wedding

Here is a list of the most important requirements that you need to fulfill if you are a Muslim foreigner living in the KSA.

  • The couple must have a residence permit known and Iqama
  • The female must obtain permission from her sponsor in a written form
  • The couple must agree to the marriage terms and conditions
  • Every religious practice for the wedding must be performed and the couple must agree to them
  • A couple of witnesses with the approval letter
  • A premarital medical test must be provided
  • The couple or their representatives must be physically present
  • The father or guardian of the bride must also be present

Requirements for Non-Muslim Foreigners

The best way to get married for non-Muslim foreigners in the KSA is to go for an embassy wedding. It can take a lot of time as well depending upon your nationality. Moreover, now it has become even more difficult because of the global pandemic.

Final Word on Seychelles is a Better Place for Foreigners – Marriage in Seychelle Recognized in Saudi

It’s better to go for a destination wedding such as getting married in Seychelles. If you really cannot travel then we recommend you opt for an online wedding.

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