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Seychelles or Georgia for your hen party

Seychelles or Georgia: Where to Plan Your Hen Party

Make a splash before the BIG DAY! Take some breath before your wedding preparation is in full swing, and plan a hen party idea with your girlfriends. There is no doubt that your honeymoon will be awe-inspiring, but your bachelorette party can be all that too.

There is a world of destinations for you to choose from but finding the most Instagram perfect location for bachelorette parties is a whole task. 

Seychelles and Georgia have become recently popular because of their landscapes and the nightclubs. 

Planning Hen Party in Seychelles

Seychelles is the heart of whispering wind and cold sand. It is undoubtedly a hub for spending fun nights with your girls. With several bars, pubs, and casinos, it is an amusement centre for its visitors. As the sun bids goodbye, life in Seychelles moves to a whole new toll.  


The clubs welcome you, ensuring an unforgettable night. Most tourists visiting here love to spend their days and nights outdoors. 


If you google the beaches of Seychelles, it is hard to believe that they aren’t photoshopped. Tall trees and beautiful beaches surround them. You can experience this place’s untouched and unmatched beauty with some luxurious hotels. 

Can you imagine watching the cold water of the Indian Ocean reaching your doorstep?

Nature at its Best

Your girl squad will fall in love with the sunset; most hotels are situated at the perfect place where you can watch the beautiful panoramas for your bachelorette. Even the Instagram pictures will not do justice to the beauty of Seychelles

Planning Hen Party in Georgia

Georgia is considered one of the best places for a Bachelor party. It has become famous for the last five years. Since it is only 4 hours away from UAE, most Dubai residents prefer to have fun in Georgia.

Electro music

Many clubs offer electro music, but BASSANI is well known for its DJs. This club started its journey in the basement of a stadium. It is now famous worldwide. You can take your friends and get to jump on the best music. 

Georgian Wine

Locals say Georgian wine is a century-old recipe. Many locals in Georgia make their wine. Georgian wine has become one of the most famous wines in Europe. The mild climate in Georgia makes it even better. Visit the local vineyards for the best experience.

Alcohol with NO Restrictions

May it be alcohol or marijuana, things are legal in Georgia. This particular thing might be not accessible in Seychelles. Many people prefer Georgia over Seychelles to drunk, roam around and get marijuana without hiding or hesitation.  

It is the best bachelorette party destination for GCC locals, especially Dubai residents. Women especially have a lot of restrictions in GCC countries as their behavior in public can cause a lot of trouble for them. 

Dubai has too many restrictions on women too. Women need to dress modestly when in public areas. Clothes should cover the tops of your arms and legs. And cross-dressing is still illegal. Avoiding every possible trouble here in Georgia, you can enjoy to the fullest in this fantastic breezy air.

Are you confused between Seychelles and Georgia for your hen party? Get in touch with the team to find the right destination.

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