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The Guide to the Wedding Industry: What Instagram Influencers Are Doing Right


Before the whole world went into turmoil with the COVID-19 pandemic the global wedding industry was estimated to be worth over 300 billion dollars and growing every day. So the so-called pandemic hijacked our social life and businesses. It has changed the economic landscape beyond recognition. Inevitably, the big and small businesses shut down, consumers disappeared, the global economy was led down a slippery slope to ruin. Wedding cancellations were spreading like wildfire, and destination weddings were nothing more than a dream. In the end, love conquers all, it is taking on a newer and less expensive meaning.

The guide to the wedding industry

Let’s make it clear, with a handful of guests or an abundance of them, every bride and groom wants their wedding day to be special.  Momentarily, couples are interested in knowing about what’s trending, how their friends react to wedding pictures, while they are only relying upon websites or apps to handle the entire wedding planning process. It’s a rather puzzling situation to be in, yet can be quite helpful.

Weddings require immense preparation because they are, in a word, momentous. So brides, grooms, and wedding planners are constantly on the lookout for the perfect pieces and format for their wedding. Because weddings are so unique, wedding-related products and services require a more detailed approach.

How influencers contribute to the wedding industry?

Nowadays, influencers are trendsetters in many industries, and the wedding industry is one of them. The bridal- influencers are in the ascendant invariably. The experts and creative creators in the fields of it are always in demand, such as event planners, dress designers, bouquet arrangers, cake makers. The process often goes this way: influencers identify wedding trends, share tips, and tricks, and when couples search for wedding ideas on Instagram, they come across them. Thus, developing in the wedding industry with influencer marketing, which is currently growing. 

Circumstantially we are under the dome of pandemics, and whether we like it or not, the current situation pushes us to limit our social life, yet it doesn’t mean that you won’t have your fairytale wedding. Right now, brands are planning bridal-themed campaigns, and they are looking forward to collaborating with the top bridal influencers who will help to get close to your miraculous wedding.

When it comes to influencer marketing, the best platform for that is Keepface. As an influencer marketing software, Keepface focuses on finding the right influencer for a brand with any niche and audience. Keepface helps to identify, recruit, and negotiate with influencers in one platform. With the access of over 350K influencers & content creators, anyone can find the perfect match for their business. Keepface is an automated platform for brands to reach the most relevant influencers, communicate with them, and manage campaigns using real-time analytics.

All your dreams are a click away from you. Spend most of your time on making spectacular memories. Let your imagination run wild, certainly doing something out of the ordinary can make your fairytale wedding day stand out from the ocean of weddings. These magical, ravishing, marriage ceremony days. We wish they never end but as every beautiful thing you are also doom to end. So sleeve your hands and get to work, if you need, we are here for you.

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