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What can you plan for your destination wedding in Seychelles?|Planning to get married in Seychelles and Dubai | Easy Wedding Seychelles

What can you plan for your destination Easy Wedding Seychelles?

The popularity of destination weddings has been increasing by the day recently. So, have you been fantasizing a destination wedding? Well, you don’t need to just dream of it, a unique paradise island Easy Wedding Seychelles awaits you and your partner. Learn more how to get married in Seychelles here.

What type of venue would you want for your destination Easy wedding in Seychelles?

Have you been dreaming of one of the most exquisite weddings in Seychelles? You have some options to choose from, and if you have a dream idea, you can share with us and a customized wedding plan will be served on a platter for you to indulge in.   

1.       Wedding at the Beach – Seychelles is a Paradise island in the Indian ocean with panoramic beaches and viewpoints and virgin natural beauty making beach wedding one of the most axiomatic venues.

You can have your beach wedding customized as per your preference:

–          Day wedding at the beach

–          Sunset wedding at the beach

–          Private island wedding

2.       Wedding at a hotel or resort– A wide variety of hotels and resorts are an inherent part of the island of Seychelles ranging from modestly priced to one of the most exuberant luxury resorts  You can share your fancies and the galore will be molded for you to enliven.
If you choose to have your wedding at the hotel there are usually two options. The first one is to have it held at the large open space of the hotel, such as poolside, restaurant etc. And the second option is to have it right in your room.

Please note that room weddings are currently banned due to the Coronavirus pandemic as it is physically impossible to keep the social distance in a small room. But eventually it will be allowed again.

3.       Wedding at the Yacht – when you have decided to elope into the Indian ocean, you might want to pamper yourself with a personalized wedding moment on the yacht. The yacht will be adorned to suit your style and taste for you to be absorbed into your moment of love.

Final Word on Destination Easy Wedding Seychelles

Well, looks like you have already been transported into a dreamward of your wedding in Seychelles. Don’t blame yourself, this island is embellished with the striking beauty of the white beaches, blue water and elegant soft swaying palms, which can imprison your senses.

Don’t hold yourself back, just flow with the water to reach Seychelles and live your moment. Leave us a comment and we shall get back to you right away.

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