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5 Best beaches for getting married Seychelles


Seychelles comprises 115 islands which boasts of unblemished beaches. Each one of them is picturesque and holds an aesthetic beauty, so much so, that you will be spoilt for choice for ideal and best beaches for getting married Seychelles. Learn here more about how to get married in Seychelles for foreigners.

Are you one of those couples who have always wanted to have a beach wedding, Seychelles is the destination for your dream wedding. You have a huge number of beaches to choose from depending on your preference i.e. private beach wedding, sunset beach wedding, beach wedding on a busy island (if you prefer all the tourist attention to your wedding).

The most famous beaches in Seychelles for weddings are on Mahè, La digue and Praslin islands. Let us take a closer look at these beaches before leaving you to make your choice.

1.       Get married at Anse Source d’Argent (La digue), Seychelles – The absolutely breathtaking scenic beauty is the highlight of this beach. It is a perfect fusion of gigantic granite rocks, lush palms and clear shallow water with white sand, personifying elegance. It is one of the most popular beaches for weddings as some parts of the ocean is sheltered by reefs making it calm and cool.

2.       Tie the Knot at Anse Intendance (Mahè), Seychelles – This is a real postcard image beach on the largest island of Seychelles with striking backdrop of magnificent mountain with a bounty of vegetation adorned with turquoise water and white powder sand. The granite formations just complement the beauty of the beach. It is ideal for weddings due to its location as it is not far from the main island and can be conveniently reached by car from Victoria.

3.       Plan a beach wedding at Anse Georgette (Praslin), Seychelles – This is a humble secluded beach but a real gem in terms of its beauty, with bright blue colored clear water, snow-white sand and dense mangrove. It quietly holds its place for its unspoiled charm making it your private paradise for your wedding. It is most suitable in case you want your wedding to be a private event.

4.       Dream wedding at Grand Anse (La digue), Seychelles – This beach is decked with imposing granite rock formations on one end with huge waves in the sea giving it the name of one of the wild beaches. The beach has lush vegetation making it look like a canvas painting. This beach is also popular for weddings as wild waves give it an extremely gorgeous look.

5. Plan your private beach wedding at Anse Volbert (Praslin), Seychelles – This crescent-shaped beach is very popular for its shallow water and variety of exotic trees and birds and a stunning stretch of white sand and perfect shades of blue from the sea. The beach is not very crowded hence making it ideal for a private wedding, if you don’t want any unnecessary attention from the tourists, this beach just suits you.

Final Word On Best beaches for getting married Seychelles

Seychelles is home to pristine beaches making it look like God’s own land beautifully embellished with soft white sand and pink granite formations with the sea displaying the variant shades of blue.

What better place to have your dream wedding than one of these beaches in Seychelles?

Which is your favorite beach? Let us know your choice below by leaving us a comment.

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