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Top 5 Spots for a Perfect Photoshoot in of your Seychelles wedding


A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most significant days of your life. You do everything to make it as much memory as possible by taking hundreds and thousands of photos. Some of the perfect moments for photos occur during the reception or the ceremony. But the fact is that the best of all the perfect photos are captured on an exclusive wedding photoshoot. That’s why finding the right spots for a perfect wedding photoshoot is important.

Keep in mind that hiring a professional and expert photographer in Seychelles for a wedding is essential. Otherwise, you’ll end up without focus photos that will make you feel nothing except a feeling of regret.

Learn more here about getting married in Seychelles and how to get in legalized in the UAE.

Spots for a Perfect Wedding Photoshoot in Seychelles

If you have scheduled your wedding in Seychelles, then there’s good news. Seychelles offers plenty of amazing wedding photoshoot spots that will take your breath away. Moreover, hire a professional photographer who is flexible enough to provide bespoke services and understand your requirements. After that select one of the following spots for a perfect wedding photoshoot in Seychelles.

Anse Source D’Argent – In La Digue is our first Spot for a Perfect Wedding Photoshoot

It is also one of the best beaches in Seychelles and it also tops the world’s most stunning strands list. It’s an ideal location for the brides who want to incorporate natural or rustic style into their photoshoot. We recommend you to schedule your wedding photo session in the evening or morning for the perfect lighting. It’s also equally important that you find a photographer in Seychelles for a wedding that can handle nature and water reflections.

Our Second Pick is L’Union Estate – In La Digue

Standing with your partner on the sand on the beach is undoubtedly one of the most romantic experiences. That’s why many couples find L’Union Estate, La Digue as a perfect spot for their wedding photoshoot. We recommend you to wear a white flowing gown. It will blow and appear perfectly in the photos that add more character to romance. The best time for a photo session is the golden sunset hour.

Anse Lazio – In Praslin Island is Our Third Pick

In our opinion, Anse Lazio is by far the most romantic place in Seychelles for a wedding photo session. It’s a perfect place to capture candid photos with the sun setting as a stunning backdrop. The beauty of its smooth boulders, vividly turquoise water, and Takamaka trees is second to none. In order to capture the entirety of this location, we recommend you to ask your photographer to use wide-angle lenses.

Anse Georgette – In Praslin Island is Our Fourth Pick

A perfect location takes your wedding photography to another level. There’s no wonder why many couples find Anse Georgette to be enticing for their wedding photoshoot. This spot qualifies for our best wedding photoshoot spots because of its calmness and peace along with breathtaking beauty.

Last But Not Least is Silhouette Island – In Northwest of Mahé

If you want to add an artistic touch then there is no better place to schedule your wedding photo session other than Silhouette Island. It’s one of the most beautiful and third-largest archipelago islands. The ideal time to schedule a wedding photoshoot is when the sun is going down.

Concluding Top 5 Spots for a Perfect Photoshoot in of your Seychelles wedding

Seychelles is one of the most preferred places to get married especially for the couples living in UAE. It offers everything that you need for a perfect wedding photo shoot.

So, which is your favorite spot for a wedding photoshoot? Feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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