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Why should GCC residents get married in Seychelles | Going to get married in Seychelles and Dubai

Why Do People Get Married in the Seychelles From GCC?

Seychelles is home to a bounty of flora and alluring beaches making it a quixotic location for an exemplary wedding for the GCC residents. Seychelles is fast and easy to reach thus making it a much sought-after destination for your dream wedding. you can also learn here how wedding works in Seychelles. Find out more Why Do People Get Married in the Seychelles from GCC.

Top reasons Why Do People Get Married in the Seychelles from GCC:

1.       Visa on Arrival – Seychelles is one of the few countries which offers Visa on arrival, thus saving your the time and effort of arranging the documents and applying for the same before. This makes it easier for the couples from GCC to plan their wedding in Seychelles.

2.       Minimal paperwork – Seychelles has become an easy destination for the weddings as it requires very less paperwork. Indeed, all you need is Passport copy and Birth certificate (affidavit in absence of birth certificate)

3.       Offers convenience of Inter-nationality/inter-religion wedding – We all know that inter-nationality or inter-religion marriages pose a humongous challenge of exhaustive paperwork to cater to the laws of the respective countries or acceptable to the various religious beliefs. A dream wedding in Seychelles offers you an answer to the otherwise difficult process with our cooperation.

4.       Dream of having a destination/beach wedding – Seychelles provides a perfect backdrop to the most beautiful wedding you have ever dreamt of ranging from beach/island/ yacht or luxury hotel wedding to choose from. You just express your dreams and your personalized wedding is planned for you to celebrate and enjoy.

5.       Valid marriage certificate – The wedding in Seychelles is recognized worldwide once the legalization of the marriage certificate is done. After legalization, the marriage certificate can be used as a legal document anywhere in the world.

6.       Ideal for busy expatriates – A wedding in Seychelles is just what a busy expatriate couple would ask for as it saves you the time and preparation of the wedding. Seychelles is easy to reach as you can get there just within a few hours and thus you can make the most of your time indulging in your dream wedding.

7. Combine wedding and honeymoon – Seychelles is acclaimed for its glorious fine white powdered sand beaches, clear water and diverse marine and bird life with a fascinating underwater world. Seychelles offers a wide range of activities like wind surfing, paragliding, water skiing, snorkeling, hiking, scuba diving and many more making it a perfect honeymoon destination.

Final Words on Why Do People Get Married in the Seychelles from GCC.

The stunning golden beaches, clear blue sky and picturesque environment entices you to have the most exuberant wedding that you have hoped for.  

The balmy climate of Seychelles is calling you to live the best moment of your life. Just leave a comment and we shall get back to you.

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