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How to plan your wedding in Seychelles?|How to tie the knot in Seychelles and Dubai

How to Plan your Seychelles Marriage id you’re from UAE?

Seychelles is the most romantic archipelago in the world with its fascinating islands making it a paradise destination for the most fanciful wedding possible. If you are one of those couples who wishes to have a wedding in Seychelles but not sure how to go about it, don’t get distressed. Having a Seychelles UAE Marriage is much easier than you can imagine with our team’s help. You can also learn more about how to get married in Seychelles here.

What do you need to plan for your wedding in Seychelles?

The dazzling beauty of the island can make you dream of some explicit arrangements that you would want for your wedding.  If you are one of them, you can have your wedding custom designed as per your choice.

It is important to note here that Seychelles island is small and the supplies are limited based on the local availability. However, if you envision some specific details for your wedding like, specific floral arrangements, wedding altars/arches, cakes, or specific theme for your wedding, you just have to share your ideas in advance. The team will ensure the necessary supplies are delivered on the island on time.

It is important to keep in mind the weather while planning your attire and makeup/hairdo for your wedding in Seychelles. The climate is generally warm and humid, so you would probably not want a full tuxedo for your wedding.

What would your wedding day for Plan your Seychelles UAE Marriage?

Unlike many other destinations, completing the legal processes related to the wedding is way easier and more convenient. In Seychelles the Registrar comes to the wedding venue for you and your partner to sign the wedding certificate. It takes you just 20 to 30 minutes and you are done. Your wedding certificate is signed while you don’t miss out on the celebrations of your wedding. No more boring old school registry offices in Seychelles wedding.

What would be the post-wedding arrangements in Seychelles?

Now that the wedding registration is done right at the venue, it is time to enjoy the celebrations of your wedding. There are various things that can be planned for the rest of the day after your wedding, the top ones can be a wedding photoshoot in the most photogenic island of the world with imposing pink granite rocks, clear blue water and white shimmering sand that gives it a surreal look. The photoshoot can be followed by a lavish dinner and dance making the night more magnetic. So, it is for you to share your ideas for your big day and our team shall arrange it for you the way you want it.

Legalization of your wedding certificate is easy and will be done in just 2-3 days (like for UAE residents) by our team. If you are still in Seychelles, enjoying your honeymoon, the certificate will be handed over to you, in case you have left, the certificate will be shipped to you. 

The final step of the legalization needs to be taken in Dubai at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once you receive a stamp from there, your Plan your Seychelles UAE Marriage certificate is 100% legal and valid in the UAE.

Concluding Seychelles UAE Marriage

So, we have your luxurious dream wedding in Seychelles designed specifically to befit your style and elegance. All you have to do is celebrate your union in the lap of nature on the world’s most exotic island.

So, are you ready to indulge in the extravaganza? Leave us a comment and we shall spawn one especially for you.

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