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What do you need to know before flying to get married in Seychelles?| Seychelles Wedding Requirements

Seychelles wedding requirements: What do you need to know before flying to get married in Seychelles?

The wedding bells are ringing and the world’s most beautiful beaches are calling out for you. All saddled up to live the moment of your lifetime, here are a few things you need to know before flying to get married in Seychelles. Find here all the Wedding Requirements in Seychelles is you’re from UAE.

Seychelles Wedding Requirements before flying to get married in Seychelles

1.       Arrange documents – Organize the pre wedding documents (passport, birth certificate/affidavit, civil marriage registration form). 

2.       Wedding process and time taken Your wedding in Seychelles will not take more than 30 minutes. After the wedding within 2-3 days you will receive your stamped wedding certificate. Or if it takes a little longer it will be shipped to you. 

The stamped wedding certificate will be a valid legal document post legalization. 

3.       Flights and the duration of the journey – Some of the leading airlines like Emirates, Ethiopian airlines and air Seychelles, have flights to Praslin or Mahé usually. In the wake of the current Corona Pandemic, only Emirates are operating to Seychelles. 

The flight duration is usually 5 hours depending on the stop-overs. You can book your flight as per your preference and convenience. 

4.       Climate and Language – Climate of Seychelles is generally warm and humid so you need to plan your wedding outfit accordingly. 

The currency of Seychelles is rupee, in the local language it is called roupi. The exchange rate is 1 SCR is equivalent to .20 AED and 1 SCR is equivalent to 0.056 USD (as on 23/09/2020). 

The national languages of Seychelles are Seychellois Creole, English and French. A French based Seychellois Creole is the most widely spoken language by the natives. 

5.       Public holidays – The weddings are usually not conducted on Public holidays; hence you are advised to refer to the list of public holidays ( The usual timings for weddings are between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

 If you want to have your wedding conducted after working hours, on holidays and public holidays, it is possible after paying an additional fee and maybe booked on request basis at the discretion of the registrar. 

6.       Local transportation – It is possible to hop between islands in Seychelles by plane or helicopter, obviously the charges for the same are higher as compared to other options. 

Other less expensive ways to island hop in Seychelles are by taxi or car hire service, which are still expensive but definitely lesser than air means. 

The least expensive way is by ferry or fast boat. There are some boat companies that operate on definitive timings. It is worth noting here that you also have the option to hire bicycles and you can even move around on foot, it is a fun way to explore around. 

7.       Other activities to do in Seychelles – Seychelles has beautiful landscapes, and it has everything that you can think of depending on your personality. 

For nature lovers who just want to witness nature at its best, you can indulge in bird watching, admire nature’s best at national parks with diverse flora and fauna, enjoy boat and helicopter rides etc. 

The more adventurous people can go on for snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, trekking, and rock climbing. 

Things you should NOT do if you are planning your wedding in Seychelles

Now that you are enlightened about what to do in Seychelles, it would be a little unfair if we do not tell you the things to watch out for while in Seychelles.

1.       Do not carry large sums of money or important documents – Large sums of money or important documents should be placed safely in the vault. You do not need to carry them with you all the time. Keep a photocopy of your passport while moving around. 

2.       Do not litter – Seychelles is a tourist destination and the government wants to protect and preserve nature at its best. If caught littering by the local cops, you can be levied heavy fines. 

3.       Do not collect seashells or flowers – it is prohibited to collect seashells in Seychelles as they prefer to preserve the natural beauty of the beaches. You are also not allowed to carry flowers or plants without a certificate and official export permit.

4.       Do not wear revealing clothes – It should be duly noted that swimwear or scanty clothing should be best worn at poolside or beaches. The local people take offence if you are dressed skimpily. You have to keep in mind the comfort of the local inhabitants. 

5.       Do not Sunbathe without sun block – The sun in Seychelles is very hot and thus you should avoid sun bathing without applying sun block that suits your skin type. 

6.       Do not Scare the fauna – While you are in Seychelles you have to keep in mind that you have to be caring to the animals and birds, which means do not feed turtles or birds, also do not scare them by throwing things/pebbles at them or being too close to them.

Concluding Seychelles wedding requirements

Well equipped with all the information about Seychelles. You already know a lot about the island and maybe even started planning your wedding in Seychelles.

You don’t have a moment to let go any more, book your tickets now!

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